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Has your image won an award in any competition around the world?

If yes - it is then eliglible to submit to the WPC Team Australia Curation process for NO CHARGE!

Your quality of image has already been proven. Now see if it will be chosen to represent Team Australia at the World Photographic Cup!

Once you select this option you will need to upload your image to this link:


Be sure to upload your images to the WPC specifications:

4000 px on the long edge

JPG Max Quality

sRGB, Adobe RGB or Grayscale profile

File Name Format: [yourname]_[category].jpg


Curation Occurs in two Rounds.


The Top 50 images from Round 1 will be deemed 'finalists' and receive a Digital Certificate. Team Australia images will be curated from the Top 50 images.
The 30 Final images selected will be known as Team Australia and receive a Digital Certificate and Commemorative Lapel Pin.

Seeded Entry

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