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Who are we

WPC Team Australia is an Unincorporated Association. The Foundation Team is made up of Volunteers who have been involved with the WPC movement since its beginning. The Committee is tasked with creating the curation process to find 30 exceptional images to represent Australian Photography in the Annual World Photographic Cup Competition.

Team Captain


Fiona Handbury

2024 Team Captain

Fiona has been the 2022 and 2023 representative Judge for Team Australia within the WPC Global Competition and now takes on the role of Team Captain for the next edition of the WPC Competition


Kylie Norway_edited.jpg

Kylie Lyons

Team Australia Captain 2014-2017

Sue Lewis_edited_edited.jpg

Sue Lewis

Team Australia Captain 2018-2020

Gary Cranich_edited.jpg

Gary Cranich

Team Australia Captain


Steve Scalone_edited.jpg

Steve Scalone

Team Australia Captain


Les Morrison_edited.jpg

Les Morrison

Team Australia Captain 2023


Fiona Handbury

Team Australia Captain 2024

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