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WPC Team Australia is the only official Australian Team permitted to enter The World Photographic Cup Photography Competition. Australians wishing to partake in the World Photographic Cup must first enter via this WPC Team Australia curation process.
There are two ways in which to gain entry into WPC Team Australia curation process:
1. All Australian Professional Photographers are eligible to be invited. Submission is FREE if your image has won an award in any Photographic Competition. To enter your award-winning image in the SEEDED round of curation, you must add the "seeded product" to the cart for no cost. Images entered into the SEEDED round WILL NOT receive feedback and will not go into the draw for any sponsor prize(s) 
2.  If the image(s) you wish to enter have not won awards in photographic competitions, they may be entered as UNSEEDED images. You must purchase your entry via the Submit tab above. Entry may be purchased for a single image or in a block of 5 images at a reduced rate. If you wish to enter 6-9 images, you will need to purchase a block of 5 images plus single image entries according to the number of images you wish to enter. To enter 10 or more images, you may purchase two 5 block entries and so on.
All images entered into the UNSEEDED round will receive written feedback from our curation team and go into the draw to win our sponsor prize(s).

Entrants of WPC Team Australia must be an Australian citizen and hold a valid Australian Passport or be able to show citizenship documentation or be a permanent resident and be able to show residency documentation. Dual citizenship holders may choose which country they wish to represent. However, if you enter as an Australian Citizen, you may not enter your other Nations' competition for a period of 18 months and vice versa. A dual citizen may not swap their country of representation more than once in a 5-year period.
These rules are for the Australian curation process and are in addition to the official WPC Rules which can be found here.

Images may be entered into the Australian selection process singularly or as a folio of images. There is no limit to the number of images that may be entered into Team Australia's curation process.
There is no age limit to the images that can be submitted.
The World Photographic Cup (WPC) is a PHOTOGRAPHIC competition, all elements used in composited images must be made by the submitting photographer.


The WPC validation committee may at any time request RAW files or supporting evidence if deemed necessary to confirm any image in any category fulfils the category rules.


The use of AI (Artificial Intelligence) or CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) is not permitted in ANY category.


Images created under the direction of an instructor or coach or at a photographic workshop are not allowed.
Once you have purchased your entry via the submit page you will receive an email containing the information on how and where to upload your images.
  • Images must be 4000 px on the long edge.
  • Saved as JPG Maximum quality.
  • Embedded Profile: sRGB, Adobe RGB or Grayscale
  • File name protocol: [yourname]_[category].jpg

WPC Team Australia will select a Team Captain each year - who will on behalf of the Members of Team Australia enter the submission into the World Photographic Cup Competition.

WPC Team Australia will select a Judge who will represent Team Australia in the Judging round of the World Photographic Cup.
Photographers whose images are selected to be part of Team Australia will receive a commemorative digital certificate and exclusive lapel pin.

All individual creators, whose images are selected for Team Australia's submission, must agree that their submission is/are their own original work, that they own all rights pertaining to the work or they possess the permission of the copyright holder to submit the work, as well as all necessary model release forms and permits pertaining to the image.

WPC Team Australia will conduct a rigorous selection process in accordance with the Category descriptions and rules of the World Photographic Cup. This curation process may change from time to time and the curation panel's decisions will be final. No correspondence will be entered into.


Individual creators whose images are selected for Team Australia's submission agree to hold the World Photographic Cup harmless against all claims and liabilities arising out of the WPC’s consideration, display, or other non-commercial use of the image.


AI and CGI based images are NOT permitted in the World Photographic Cup Competition.

By agreeing to participate in their Team Australia's World Photographic Cup submission, individual team members agree to license to the World Photographic Cup the right to display the image(s) on the WPC web site, in articles, exhibitions and publications pertaining to the World Photographic Cup competition, and for future WPC and WPC Team Australia promotional purposes.

The WPC partner companies will have the possibility to display the winning images on their media or through their products (prints, collections, exhibitions, books etc.). This opportunity will be limited to non-commercial purposes and subjected to the WPC rules and regulations on rights, licenses and releases with the authors of the images.

The images must be anonymous and in the case of images pertinent to advertising campaigns, they must not contain any text or graphic elements, which were not part of the original exposure. Images containing text will be immediately disqualified.



Information about the WPC Judging Software and Awards given for Individuals and Teams can be found on the official World Photographic Cup website.
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